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The Seven Principal Scales--for scales of Lydian derivation and three auxiliary scales--are the Principal Chord-Producing Scales of the LYDIAN CHROMATIC SCALE They exist as the PRIMARY PARENT SCALES for all traditionally definable chords of Western harmony. The example below shows the ingoing-to-outgoing sequence of the Seven Principal Scales to parallel the five tonal orders of the Lydian Chromatic Scale itself. These two aspects of the Lydian Chromatic Scale exist in complete conformity. It may be said that the Seven Principal Scales are the unified products of their respective tonal orders within a Lydian Chromatic Scale, naturally inheriting the fundamental tonal color of their particular order.

In showing the Lydian Scale's ladder of fifths structure to incorporate the first seven tones of the Lydian Chromatic Scale, the above example clearly indicates the reason for the Lydian Scale's designation as the SEVEN TONE ORDER/INGOING TONAL LEVEL of the Lydian Chromatic Scale. As a UNIFIED TONAL GRAVITY FIELD, the Lydian Scale serves not only as the genesis of Tonal Gravity and the foundation of the Lydian Chromatic Scale, but also as the seminal source of chord/scale unity.

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