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The main body of the LCC and its practical application, including all 4 published versions of Book 1 with their inserts: the 1959 tan cover; the 1959 light green cover Japanese edition; the 1970‘s white cover, which adds an illustrated River Trip to the 1959 edition, and the currently available Fourth Edition, 2001.

The authorization code is the first word on Page 198 of the Fourth Edition of the LCCTO.

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Re: Copyright Issued

Postby bobappleton » Wed Jun 26, 2013 2:34 pm

Congrats ML!

Great work.
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Re: Copyright Issued

Postby chespernevins » Wed Jun 26, 2013 4:48 pm

Hey, wow, nice work Motherlode!

Can you help me understand what this means exactly?

Did Ms. Edith DiBartolo actually understand the whole idea of Sonic Migration from beginning to end? Is that why it took a year?

Is the copyright on the actual written musical work "Mother of Tongues" as you posted it on the FreeJazzInstitute, or is it on some other specifically written document, such as a written description (in language) of Sonic Migration? Do you plan to publish your ideas of Sonic Migration somewhere in addition to the various forums, or will it simply be used for your own composing, etc.?

Is copyright as literature different from copyright on music?

Sorry if I am asking ignorant questions, I haven't researched this at all.

Is there somewhere one can actually read the copyright notice from the Copyright Office pertaining to Sonic Migration?

I am asking for a couple of reasons, one, because I have always been interested in what you are doing, and two, because I have an in-depth concept on a particular topic that I may want to publish some day.

I have no doubt that many participants on this forum have their own ideas and concepts. Dogbite and the Chromatic Cube come to mind. Strachs, etc.... Is this something we should all be looking into before publishing our findings?

Thanks for being patient with all my questions...
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Re: Copyright Issued

Postby chespernevins » Wed Jul 03, 2013 6:04 am

Great stuff Motherlode!

I finally got a chance to check out the copyright online.

Here's a direct url, for people to check out.

It mentions that Sonic Migration is:

"A unique process to generate harmony from the entire spectrum of intervals (144) in western music."

Motherlode said:
Like I've said more than once, functional harmony is wasteful of the information contained in the LCC.

Yes, you've taught us quite a bit on this topic!

I think a user's guide to Sonic Migration would be quite useful, perhaps to the forum as whole, as a reference point.
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