Soul Note Box Set

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Soul Note Box Set

Postby pierem » Tue Oct 12, 2010 1:33 am

Hi All,

Cam Jazz who acquired the catalogues from Soul Note and Black Saint have just reissued all Russell's albums in a very reasonably-price box set (at least in Europe, around 38€, the conversion in US$ is outrageous-66$- and properly scandalous in AU$-I payed $90 but saw it at 130!).
9 cds, all remastered (IMO they've done a good job, particularly on "Prillarguri" whose previous cd version had serious distortion at some points).
the only disappointment is that the "Sonata for self-accompanied guitar" which was on "The Essence" LP remains in the vaults. ... 64&sr=1-19

Just saw the price on jazzloft, closer to the equivalent in US$: ... d-box.aspx

Now let's hope that the Japanese King Records will reissue the live in tokyo personal completist graal.

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Postby bobappleton » Thu Oct 21, 2010 9:07 pm

as far as i can tell, the entire collection of 9 albums can be previewed here: ... gj&alpha=A. the longest track is 26' 29" on electronic sonata and it played all the way through.

the remastering sounds very nice. on "man on the moon" from "trip to prillarguri" stanton davis, jan garbarek, terje rypdal, george russell, arild andersen and jon christensen rip it up. all i can say is for anyone who's not familiar with this collection of the music there's a huge gift here.

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