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Re: Trademarks

PostPosted: Mon Aug 05, 2013 8:27 am
by chespernevins
Very cool.

Are you going to create a Sonic Migration Logo? :)

"Try these new and improved sounds by Motherlode. Now created with Sonic Migration(tm)!" Ha ha... just kidding around. Congrats, and more power to you!

Re: Trademarks

PostPosted: Tue Aug 06, 2013 10:01 am
by chespernevins
Thanks for sharing your legal journey.

Zero Gravity - Yes, I love it! You really have transcended tonal chords/scales with your approach.

I can hear the traffic image in there. I listened to it a few more times just now, imagining your traffic stop.

I think I have had images of looking at outer space, the "taxi horn" "trumpet" sounds blipping in and out paint a picture of shooting stars, etc.

What are you considering the melody? The "trumpet" line? there are really nice melodic moments in the low piano, and the high piano, as well. there's quite a bit of counterpoint in there.

I also enjoy the overall changes of color, like for one example, at :21 there seems to be a change.

I am disappearing until next Monday - will check back in then...