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Re: Beyond Finale and Sibelius

PostPosted: Fri Apr 12, 2013 1:39 pm
by bobappleton
These are very interesting... it's great to see what's happened with notation software - connecting with the ipad and programs like Max/MSP, etc


I was in East Lansing Michigan visiting my wife's family a couple of weeks ago and went to hear the Rodney Whitaker Sextet at the Broad Museum of Art, with Diego Rivera on sax, an amazing piano player from the masters program and his daughter on vocals. Beautiful music from Bird and Ellington on... He still lives in Detroit and runs the MSU jazz program... so I assume you know him. The next day students in the museum were playing radical new music by Pauline Oliveros... They also had a beautiful exhibition called Pattern and some early work from visual music pioneers James and John Whitney which I'd never seen in the flesh before. This was some kind of deja vu, like the first time I saw Jazz on a Summers Day – the atmosphere (in this case Zaha Hadid's architecture) with these sounds, the art and the film...

I'm in Scotland now. My mother's funeral was last weekend - a beautiful event. And now there's an opportunity at DeMontfort University to do my Visual Music as full-time research... Been listening to a lot of Cyrus Chestnut lately... a short video by Cathe: Hope you're well ML.