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From Alice Norbury Russell

PostPosted: Mon Jun 20, 2011 4:41 pm
by anr
I've neglected the Forum in recent years, as life for my late husband, George, and I had been demanding on the most basic levels. It had been my intention for quite awhile to shut down the Forum, as I (and my associates) observed the devolving level of many of the comments, including personal attacks on my late husband. Bob Appleton and Sandy Williams graciously offered to act as moderators, an offer which, after a great deal of thought, I accepted.
Having said that, there are some guidelines which I insist upon. DO NOT make insulting, mean spirited remarks about anyone or their work; there are a plethora of sites where you can rant unfettered. If you attack someone personally, your comments will be removed. You can post it, but I'm not paying for it. Go elsewhere, and let those artists who are actually interested in discussion and learning have the floor.
There will be NO posting of or links to copyrighted material without permission of the copyright owner. That's the law. And if you respect the work of people who make meaningful contributions, you should have no problem following this policy.
I appreciate many of the postings from so many of you. Please don't feel you have to spend your time "defending" the LCC to those who come here with the express purpose of disproving it. George worked for decades to disprove it himself; if you know his music, there's no question that it has gravity.
And a final word: George was famous for his refusal to lower his standards in all areas of his life, no matter the cost. He twice refused concerts of his music at Lincoln Center Jazz because of their early position on what was authentically jazz. So save any speculation about the level of him as an artist and a man. The quotes on our websites were not written by George; they were written by critics/writers/scholars/fans over many years.
And for those of you "Lydiots," and maybe wanna be's...go forth and multiply :-)