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Last paragraph of the 1996 WGBH interview transcribed

PostPosted: Fri Apr 01, 2011 8:22 am
by bobappleton
This quote ends the radio interview by WGBH in 1996. The book George was referring to must have been the 2001 edition of the LCC - which everyone on this forum has. There is, as we all know, another unfinished volume of this book. ... odes/-9658

"Something unseen was working. It didn't come from me. But this knowledge used me as its... vehicle. When you take a road that hasn't been followed, you're really obligated to see it through... And I would hope to see the whole idea of gravity being understood, because you can't see gravity. In showing that it exists in music and that the Lydian scale itself is a gravity field, I would hope that people would begin seeing forces, or feeling forces, and believing in the consciousness of these forces - that these forces are not to be trifled with - that we are under their jurisdiction and their law, you know. The one thing that I want to accomplish is to complete the book. That's it, you know. And to accept any blessings of a spiritual nature that go with being loyal to a work and completing the work in your lifetime. What's a life for... if not to explore?"