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Wikipedia articles.

Postby dds1234 » Thu Nov 13, 2008 7:40 am

I do not know if many of this forums users' use Wikipedia, however many common topics we speak of are in a dire need of expansion!

I feel this thread does not deal with the theory of the LCCOTO but... If an extremely popular site has only a small mention of it, many potential students interested in such a theory are missing out.

Please help to expand these or other articles!!!! :D :D :D

--- Noticeably lacking articles ---

An article on the LCCOTO itself does not exist sadly...

--- Some others that bear little or no mention that I found ---

This is only a tiny amount of the articles that are in need of expansion from some caring individuals with just an itsy-bitsy amount of time...

If I get some responses to this topic, I will gladly add more links!
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